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Terms & Conditions


1.- Introduction

The terms & conditions established in this document are applicable to the use of the website: The person that uses this site, from the moment he/she enters, to be called "user", accepts the hereby contained terms & conditions without modifications.

The modifications or future changes that may be performed in the services provided by this website, may imply the modification of the present terms & conditions whenever administrators or moderators understand to be relevant or necessary. Likewise, it is the user's responsibility to remain aware of the changes that may be performed in such cases. If the user is not in agreement with the present terms of use, or any other conditions hereby explained; the user has full independence to decide not to use service and will be able to leave the website ipso jure or alternatively remain in the site and comply with the present conditions.

2.- Licenses

This website contains images, informations and other contents that constitute intellectual and/or industrial property of third parties. According to this service conditions, a user can not post its advertisements or announcements directly at but may post advertisiments in any of the websites from where obtains such information and/or announcements. Both for its protection as for protecting the rest of the users of, no individual may:

  • Reproduce this website or any part of it in any way or place;
  • Redistribute, or said differently, divulge information obtained in this website to a third party, either through another website or by any other media. No individual may sell, modify or create work derived from the contents available through, neither change nor eliminate the copyright, or any other component thay may serve to identify the source from which that information was obtain.

3.- Copyright law is not the owner of the copyright nor the responsible of the rights of the advertisements hereby posted. Each advertisement must comply with, respect and follow the terms & conditions of use of the website where it was originally posted, therefore will not be able to perform any action on the advertisements or the information contained on them other than delete such advertisements or improper information that shall infringe upon the welfare, laws or that does not comply with any of the conditions hereby explained. user is free to notify the website administrators through the link found below every advertisement in order to delete announcements that are impromper, inappropiate, that shall offend moral, go against received customs and usages or have expired. The aforementioned link reads: "Expired result notice".

4.- Regulation

The users have the obligation to comply with the laws and regulations in force in their country and region regarding the content and format of the advertisements. The user can not post directly at because it is an advertisement search engine, not an advertisement website.

5.- Content deletion reserves the right, but has not obligation to reject, modify or delete advertisements that do not correspond with the objectives of the community of users of

6.- Prohibition

Due to the potential probability that announcements with erotic content and/or sexual services may appear in, it is strictly forbidden the admission of users under 18 years old. The current legislation of the country where the announcement has been posted must be thoroughly respected as well.

7.- No warranty provides this website in its current state and all the information it contains, without manifestations neither warranties of any kind, either implicit or explicit. As far as permitted by the applicable legislation. is exempt of any warranty, either explicit or implicit; included, but not limited to. The warranties of commerciality or eligibility for a determined end. By using, the user assumes full responsibility and risk over the use of the website and the information hereby contained. does not offer warranties regarding impressions of reliability, truthfulness and precision of the information posted in the website, given that the content offered in every announcement has been directly taken from the origin of the announcement through an iFrame.

8.- Limitations of liability is not responsible of any costs, expenses or damage provoked and/or related to the use of this website or the information hereby contained, but not limited to any kind of direct or indirect damage, general damages or lost profit (including loss of data), business or service interruption or the loss of the benefits themselves, including cases in which such responsibility comes from a lawsuit based on a contract, or from a negligence of any kind, including the case that has been warned about the possibility of such scenarios.

Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of liabilities before certain kind of damage, in case is not excluded of liabilities, the most that will assume will be the minimum degree determined by law.

9.- User's information

The use that gives to the information supplied by the user should be detailed within a section called "Privacy Policy", but as exclusively uses information generated by other sites, there is not any treatment as such regarding none of the user's information. By using this website, it is assumed that the user accepts the terms & conditions of use established in that section.

10.- Indemnity

The user accepts to defend and preserve unscathed, as well as assume whatever the expenses (included and not limited to lawyer expenses) of accusation against, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directives, administrators, partners and employees, of any action or procedure against, if such action or procedure is based on the information such user has announced in this website, in the use such user made of this website, for its act of violation of these terms & conditions, and/or the violation of the rights of third parties.

11.- Relation between and the user

There is no contractual relation whatsoever between the user and, and no content of the hereby presented terms & conditions may be interpreted or imply the existence of a strategic alliance relation, long term joint investment commercial agreement between two or more individuals, companies or agencies. The user must not and should not assume that endorses him/her, or endorses his/her announcements, products or services.

12.- Miscellanous

The user can not transfer its rights and/or obligations derived from the hereby explained conditions of service, neither full nor partially, to a third party and any attempt of such will be understood as null and void. may transfer its rights and/or obligations established under this conditions. Considering the latter, the present conditions will be binding and applicable in benefit of both parts, its successors and authorized assignees. The absence of response by before a infringement of these conditions does not constitute an acceptance of the infringement of the violated clause, nor any other, nor the resignation to any action or procedure that may derivate from the latter. These terms & conditions are ruled and will be defined according to the laws of Spain. reserves the right to transfer the content to other websites of contact, floors, health, announcements, advertisements, or any other related. These terms comprehend the agreement between the parties in relation to the use of this website and render null and void any agreement previously adopted related to the use of this website. If any of the clauses within these terms were rendered void or inapplicable for any reason, the rest of the clauses will remain being valid and applicable, and will have to be replaced by one valid that fulfills the same objective. Such terms have the unique and exclusive objective to benefit the user of and do not have the objective to benefit third parties. In case of conflicts between the Spain spanish version of these terms and any other version of them, the spanish version will prevail over the others.

Date of last revision Tuesday 17th July, 2012.